Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturer
As an experienced pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer in China, Hunan FE Pharmatech Company offers detailed consultations and can provide clients with the ideal solution to accommodate their needs. Our major products include glass bottle IV solution production line, non PVC infusion bag IV solution production line, oral liquid filling and capping machine and pharmaceutical packaging equipment.

Main Products
    1. Glass Bottle IV Solution Production Line

      Designed mainly for 50 ml,100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml IV solution bottles, the glass bottle IV solution production line can perform a variety of procedures, such as ultrasonic rough washing, fine washing, liquid filling, nitrogen filling, stoppering, capping, bottle unscrambling, bottle unloading, lamp checking and labeling. In addition, the production line can also be used to complete washing, filling and sealing procedures for the production of other liquid medicine like tincture water.

    1. Non-PVC Infusion Bag IV Solution Production Line

      The non PVC infusion bag IV solution production line provides simple, reasonable structure, reliable performance and high efficiency. In fact, it can produce 12000 single chamber or 7000 multi chamber soft bags every hour.
      Thanks to the patent design, the production line realizes the integration of bag making, filling and sealing, with a length shortened by 1/3.

    1. Co-Extrusion Non-PVC IV Bag Film Production Line

      The co-extrusion non-PVC IV bag film production line adopts high torque motor drive.
      The control system adopts B&R industrial PC, which is easy to operate.
      The process parameters can be automatically stored for future use.
      Timing heating function is available.

    1. Glass Vial Washing, Drying, Filling and Sealing Machine

      The glass vial washing, drying, filling and sealing machine is known for reasonable design, compact structure, reliable operation and high efficiency. With a high level of automation, the unit can automatically perform nearly all procedures, from vial feeding, water spaying, ultrasonic washing and other procedures, to capping and vial discharging.

    1. Ampoule Washing, Drying, Filling and Sealing Machine

      Single machines of the unit all adopt PLC, human-machine interface to control and monitor the operating status. These control systems can operate separately or cooperate with each other to realize linkage control.
      The parts that come into contact with liquid medicine are made of 316L stainless steel, quality silicone tube or glassware. Other parts are manufactured using materials that can meet the equipment function requirements and GMP requirements.

    1. Oral Liquid Washing, Drying, Filling and Sealing Production Line

      Some of advantages it offers include reasonable structure, high level of automation, stable and reliable operation, high efficiency, mechanical and electrical integration. In addition, the machine is mainly made of stainless steel 304, special parts are manufactured using stainless steel 316L, and the exterior material is imported stainless steel that undergoes sanding or matte treatment.

    1. Vials Filling and Sealing Machine

      The vials filling and sealing machine adopts servo drive, which ensures high running accuracy and automatic adjustment. Different product shifting is program controlled.
      It doesn't need lubricant maintenance, helping avoid cross contamination.
      The filling and sealing equipment is equipped with airborne microbe and dust particle detection device...